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The art of becoming an instinctual leader isn’t taught in the classroom. It is proven that you will remember only 5% of the content of a traditional training. Our formula will bring you step by step to develop your natural reflexes and integration of the content. With its clear and action-oriented way, our online training concept has helped thousands of leaders worldwide develop the skills and leadership career they were seeking. Technology and innovation provide us with the capacity to train you in an innovative way for today’s leader’s reality. The content of these training sessions are the result of 22 years worth of leadership specialized research. We are presenting to you on a silver platter the end result of the best of all content, exercises, techniques and knowledge, mixed with NLP coaching approach and 22 years of leadership coaching experience with leaders like you. This will make you save time, effort and energy to reach your goal as a C-FAME leader.

Pursue your journey by adding concrete tools to lead honorably, to creatively solve team difficulties, to better communicate with your team and clients, and to bring your customers in the middle of your strategies.

*Prerequisite : The LEADERSHIP QUIX FIX™ – Mindset program

Possibility of additional training :

“LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ – Technical Skills”

BLOC 1: 250$ / month X 3 months

BLOC 2: 250$ / month X 3 months


Leading Honorably


1.1. Learning to lead
1.2. Powerful goal setting techniques
1.3. Gainsharing and delegating for results


Team Problem Solving


2.1. Proven disagreement resolution techniques
2.2. Acheiving Consensus
2.3. Motivating people


Communicating with employees


1.1. Effective meeting and presentation skills
1.2. Giving and receiving feedback
1.3. Understanding the foundamentals of Emotional Intelligence


Beyond Customer Service


2.1. Putting the client in the center of all of your strategies
2.2. Calming uspset customers
2.3. Measuring Customer satisfaction

BLOC 1 - Module 1 : Leading Honorably (detailed)

Business is moving faster. The economy is getting tougher. Competition is more intense. Simply put: the need for excellent leaders is stronger than ever before. Become the leader your company and your people need right now. Learn how to be more effective and how to significantly increase the productivity and performance of your employees. Be the leader your people need!

1.1. Learning to Lead

Not all good managers are good leaders. What is a leader? There is more to being a leader than just overseeing a group of people. Effective leaders are also ethical, honourable and visionary. Leading honourably will help you define and develop those intangible assets that are so important in our world today. This training helps you learn to become leaders by explaining the differences between managers and leaders. Learn what personality traits behavioural changes, and goal-setting techniques it takes to become a leader.

1.2. Powerful Goal Setting and Leadership Self-Evaluation Techniques

Achieve measurable results! While it can be difficult to set truly meaningful and motivational goals, it is one of the most essential steps to business success. Goals are what tells individuals and teams what needs to be accomplished, why it’s a priority, and how to do it. Even more importantly, setting, working toward and achieving measurable goals is how we all grow personally while contributing to organizational success. When you set goals for yourself that are realistic and reachable, you’ll attain them. This training teaches the fundamental process for effective goal setting, both organizational and personal. Exercises and activities help you put dreams and aspirations into concrete actions, leading you through all aspects of goal setting, managing and achieving. You will also learn twelve primary management functions and then provides a self-evaluation inventory for each. You can measure your performance for each sill and learn how to strengthen those that need improvement.

1.3. Delegating for Results

What is the biggest weakness of most managers? The inability to delegate effectively. The first new sill most managers need is also one of the hardest to learn; directing the work of others. Even experienced managers have difficulty with it. We spend our careers focused on doing a good job ourselves, and then one day become responsible for others’ accomplishments. This requires a list of sub skills, including planning, organizing, motivating and management work flow. Most importantly, it requires the ability to delegate work to others. Get the basics of this essential skill. Exercises and worksheets help you evaluate your current skills, easily identify the problems, and quickly find solutions. You’ll discover how to develop your workers’ potential while getting the job done. Learn on increasing positive exposure for your team and using delegation as a tool for managing organizational change.

BLOC 1 - Module 2 : Team Problem Solving (detailed)

Resolve disagreement at work! Whether it’s in the form of visible back biting or silent resentment, conflict in the workplace can take a devastating toll on productivity and morale. Managing interpersonal differences is essential to business and protects the emotional health of employees. Learn how to help others settle their differences and work constructively as individuals and groups with a common purpose.

2.1. Proven Disagreement Resolution Techniques

Learn how to manage disagreement before it escalates into anger with this tested manager’s program on conflict resolution. Team dynamics often create their own set of problems. Don’t try to find solutions alone! Assess your current style using the reader inventory, then take the right steps to diagnose conflict within your organization, prepare strategies to resolve it, then implement and evaluate productive solutions. This step by step training shows you how to rationally confront issues and how to systematically resolve them.

2.2. Achieving Consensus

Make consensus more achievable! Working together, sharing responsibility, depending on each other, are probably things your team does well already. Now you can add “solving problems” to the list. Whether it’s a work group, ad hoc committee or management team, it can be difficult for people to make decisions together. The key is unifying everyone around a common mission and leveraging individual strengths to achieve it. The ability to work together, make decisions together, and implement them is critical for success in group activities. This training offers the participant a practical approach to a consensus building, explaining the concept of consensus, shy it is important, and how it fits with other decision-making styles. It explores how to reach a consensus and alignment, and provides the reader with the necessary tools to help his or her team succeed.

2.3. Creating a High Performance Team

Turn personal strengths into group success! What is it that makes some employees give their “all” while others only “get by”? A motivating manager! Companies have become increasingly complex. Both geographically and operationally. Old top-down leadership styles need to be replaced with two-way communication and collaboration. A group is just people working together. A team is pulling the unique skills and insights of every member to achieve common goals. That’s why team building is one of the most essential ways to boost productivity. Learn how to build effective teams from the ground up and then manage everyone’s efforts to maximize results. Also learn the specific tasks that need to be orchestrated in order to lead teams successfully in today’s organizations. This practical training to managing for high productivity makes you a driving force behind your employees. Checklists and activities teach you how to step up performance with solid leadership and positive reinforcement. Gain the skills of today’s successful leaders!

BLOC 2 - Module 1: Communicating With Employees (detailed)

Deliver a clear and consistent message! How you look, how you act, how you present yourself, that’s how you connect with the people at work who count on you for guidance. The truth is: the art of building relationships and communicating effectively isn’t taught in the classroom. But it’s all right here. Learn how to use words, gestures and even humour to communicate better as a leader.

1.1. Effective Meeting Skills

Make meetings more productive! Business people often say, “Meetings are a necessary evil.” That’s only half-true. They are essential to running a business. But they don’t have to be a negative experience. Learn how to make your meetings more productive and worthwhile for attendees, your company and yourself with this training. Use the tools of this training to help you eliminate time-wasting components and benefit from lean, productive sessions. Includes exercises and checklists as well as examples and case studies to help you plan, conduct and improve any meeting, on or off site. You’ll learn how to spot and avoid meeting problems in advance, how to handle conflict and digressions, and how to improve future meetings through evaluation and feedback. Make your next meeting your best ever!

1.2. Giving and Receiving Feedback

Lead people through adversity! The customers and suppliers you need to work with effectively may be outside your company or in the next office. And you may not always see eye to eye. Even if you have strong interpersonal skills and common goals, conflict can happen. Make sure you know how to find common ground, calm motions and forge a productive path forward. This training is packed with valuable insights and suggestions for giving and receiving positive feedback effectively. Also, you’ll discover the secrets to giving meaningful yet motivating criticism in a positive and professional manner. Includes exercises, tips and a four-step guide to giving specific feedback that produces results in both your business and personal life.

1.3. Understanding the Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence

Think, be and work smarter! Intellectual and technical skills are no longer enough on their own to assure success in the workplace. Emotional intelligence allows you to connect with others one-on-one and in groups. A critical skill in business today. People who are not emotionally smart waste less time on personality conflicts, stay in control under stress and achieve greater satisfaction at work and at home.  This training will help anyone learn how to build better interpersonal skills by developing guidelines on how to manage reactions and raise their level of emotional intelligence.

BLOC 2 - Module 2 : Beyond Customer Service (detailed)

Keep your customers and keep them satisfied! Attracting new customers, meeting and exceeding expectations, keeping traffic returning to your door… Every company can achieve outstanding customer service in fact, nothing is more critical to long-term success. No matter what products or services you bring to market, it’s all about making people choose you first and making them glad they did. Learn the strategies that work and methods that will set your company apart.

2.1. Putting the Client in the Centre of All of Your Strategies

Whether your customer is across the country or across the hall, understanding and meeting their needs is the first and last step to success. External customers drive sales and growth. Internal customers are the key to efficiency and profitability. We can all contribute to the success of our organization by winning over customers with superior products and service and delivering quality customer service. We will provide you with tools to build and solidify the foundation of your professional goal with the principles of innovation and entrepreneurial agility which will serve you throughout your excursion into the world of leadership.

2.2. Calming Upset Customers

Stay in control… in any situation. When a customer is upset with your company, you have an opportunity! You can “become the company”, defuse the situation, win the customer over, and ensure continued business. That’s a lot. But anyone can learn the skills that are necessary. There is no single technique for every customer, but the collection of skills outlined here will work in any industry.

Learn how to deal effectively with angry customers, clients, or colleagues. This carefully designed approach gives you the ability to work through conflicts and maintain calm in the work environment. You’ll learn how to distinguish between a disturbed and upset customer, and how to work with each toward a positive outcome.

2.3. Measuring Customer Satisfaction

For organizations serious about improving customer service, it is essential to know how customers feel about the service they receive. The proven techniques and methods in this training will help you evaluate customer satisfaction and make any needed improvements in your service.

The LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ – Technical Skills

BLOC 1 OR BLOC 2 programs include as a BONUS:


Lifetime access of the 6 one hour per bloc of Leadership Skills Fix online training videos (one per week for 12 weeks)


Concrete exercise and techniques for you and your team


Audio version of all online training sessions to listen on the road


E-book of each training sessions


Courses summary cards


Live videoconference Q&A sessions with Nathalie Charette where you get to ask your questions (1 year access)


Continuous learning system - Develop your instinct and your mindset with your new leadership skills