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The first 12 steps of the LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ programs. Start your journey by changing your mindset and developing your C-FAME instinctual Leadership!

This training program equips you with concrete  and personalised content, practical exercises, powerful insightful techniques and the knowledge needed for creating sustainable leadership change step by step.

The LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ - Technical Skills

Get the complete toolkit of management technical skills with this C-FAME LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ program.

Pursue your journey by developing concrete honorable team leadership tools, creatively solve team adversity, improve team and client communication, and include your customers in your strategies.

*Prerequisite : The LEADERSHIP QUIX FIX™ - Mindset certified program

LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ (Individual) - Mindset + Technical Skills

You are ready to swich from a manager state of mind to a insctinctual leadership mindset? This is to propel you and your team from your exhausting zone of performance to your energizing efficient brilliant zone.

This program is the combination of the LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ - Mindset and LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ - Technical Skills programs with value added bonuses.

LEADERSHIP QUICK FIX™ (groups) - Mindset + Technical Skills

(for 5 participants and more)
You are seeking for leadership developement programs for your employees? You need a major shift in the way your managers lead? You want to increase your managers efficiencies and bottom line results? We created a flexible, personnalised and innovative online training solution for your team.