Program – Become a Coveted Employer

Turnkey concept for organizations and their leaders wanting to attract and retain the right employees. A solution for your labor shortage.

Do you wish to retain your employees or become a recruitment pool for your competitors?

In the coming years, the situation will be simple: there will be two types of companies:

(1) Those who succeed in becoming or are employers that are sought after and who will not only be able to attract but retain their resources

(2) Those who will become the “pools” from which the employers described in (1) will draw to fill their needs.

Which one do you want to become?

Did you know that potential employees shop for their jobs nowadays?

Do you want to lower your turnover rate, attract good employees and build their loyalty while creating better team synergy and have better results?

If you are ready to make sustainable changes to become a coveted employer for the workforce searching for jobs, then this program is for you.

Do like our 1500 customers, dare to intervene for a happier and loyal team!

Workplace wellness: we must act quickly!

 “An employee does not quit the job, he quits the manager” – James Manktelow and Julian Birkinshaw

Because we live in an accelerating world. The concern and pressure related to the happiness and well-being of employees is being felt everywhere. For any modern workplace, having happy employees is a key factor for growth, productivity, innovation and retention. The balance between performance and well-being seems increasingly precarious in organizations. This reality calls for a new kind of leadership, the development of a new set of personal and professional skills to inspire and to guide.

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Practical guide to help employers build an inclusive workforce, did you know:

  • In Canada, 27% of the workforce feels a high or extremly high level of stress
  • 1 in 5 people are living with mental health problems at any point in their career
  • Nearly half the population will experience some type of mental uneasiness by the age of 40
  • Mental illness is also the leading cause of work disability, affecting almost seven million working age adults
  • The cost to employers from losses related to turnover, absenteeism, and presenteeism (to be physically present but mentally absent) is over $20 billion every year

Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors (CHRA), Bernard Blais, February 23, 2009

When considering these data in light of the labor shortage that is currently a reality in Canada (which is one of the 10 biggest barriers to competitiveness in the world according to the Chamber of Commerce of Canada) and the anticipated shortage (about 2 million workers by 2021), we understand why more and more employers are trying to mobilize people who are a part of the workforce searching for a job by providing them with a stable and meaningful work.


10 good reasons to dare to intervene:

To increase motivation and to generate momentum for employee's proactivity and creativity

To create a real desire to come to work in the morning

To reach your goals faster and more efficiently

To create a trustworthy and harmonious team synergy

To create a state of mind characterized by a satisfactory harmony between the skills, needs and aspirations of the worker, and the constraints and opportunities within the workplace

To retain loyal employees and reduce absenteeism and increase presenteeism

To generate a sense of belonging and loyalty among employees

To increase the employees' concentration, therefore reducing the margin of error and increasing the accuracy of their work

To create a competent, strong and emotionally intelligent succession

To learn to better manage and to adapt to multigenerational differences


Target issues

To establish a diagnosis reflecting the current state of the quality of life in the workplace. Tools such as internal customer satisfaction surveys, targeted interviews with management and employees, and meetings to analyze the issues are offered.

Intervention plan

Once the issues are targeted, your goals are set and an action plan is prepared which includes effective intervention strategies to be implemented in-house or by our support services, allowing you to reach these goals.


Take action

Implementation of the strategies proposed in the action plan through psychometric tests, impact training and solution-oriented coaching.

Evaluation of sustainable changes

Evaluate the real positive impact of the actions as well as the collateral effects following the in-house interventions or carried out by our team, which will ensure the sustainability of the initiatives.

Program – Become a Coveted Employer

We accompany you in a dynamic process in order to perfect and maintain:

  • A mindset that is conducive to creativity, innovation and in alignment with your personal and organizational values.
  • A balanced emotional intelligence to better understand your own emotions and those of others to better manage them, build rewarding relationships and team synergy focused on respect, mutual support, communication, transparency and authenticity.
  • An ideal level of well-being to achieve goals effectively by having a healthy motivation, a vital commitment and being stimulated and stimulating for others.

We believe that in order to generate sustainable human change, it is essential to work towards it individually, in community and continuously through a structured process. We offer you a variety of individual and group interventions to ensure measurable experiential learning and skills development based on everyone’s needs and style.

This program includes:

A first meeting with management to clarify the needs, define the issues and set the objectives.

The choice of a method of analysis among the following to obtain the real portrait of the organization (Note that it is possible to add more than one method of analysis to this package with an additional investment cost):

Based on the results of the analysis, we will accompany you for up to 4 hours in order to support you in the preparation of a strategic transformational plan to attract and retain employees in the current shortage of the workforce issue

Three hours of private coaching with a certified coach for the chief executive

A one-day practical training

The theme of this training is “Develop your team’s genius zone” to create synergy whitin the team and break the silos. It is based on proven theories aiming at mindfulness and concrete teachings that are applicable as soon as you go back to work.

Three access pass (for the senior manager and 2 other leaders) to the 40-day challenge with approximately 15 minutes per workshop to improve your leader's emotional intelligence and thus generate emotional management strategies for you and your team. The "Take back control of your life" online training can be completed at your own pace and according to a schedule that suits you.

Bonus: Free access to the pre-recorded conference called "Take it easy"- to understand your stress from a neuroscientific point of view and reprogram new reflexes to propel you.

Bonus: Free access to a pre-recorded 1-hour workshop including a NLP technique to learn how to turn your negative stress into positive stress, on demand! (just by snapping your fingers).

The Founder

Nathalie Charette
CEO, NLP Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker

“We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” – Anaïs Nin
Nathalie Charette, businesswoman for 24 years, is a certified coach specializing in emotional intelligence, corporate wellness strategies and leadership neuroscience. To date, she coaches and trains leaders, such as managers, supervisors and business leaders in Canada and internationally. Her experience has led her to work with stressed and exhausted employees who want to regain control of their lives and propel their lives, careers and businesses. Click here to know more…

Professional Accreditations

What our clients are saying about us

It is important for a retail store such as ours to retain our customers and our employees, to create a synergy within the team and to stand out from our competition. We hired Nathalie Charette’s team for 24 years to conduct our training and coordinate our service evaluation project through mystery shopping and marketing studies to get to know our employees and our competition. She stands out for her creativity, her innovative ideas, her efficiency, her desire to see us succeed and her professionalism. We are able to see sustainable, direct and measurable changes as soon as services were received, making our investment worthwhile.

Martin Lacasse

Previous CEO, RONA

Nathalie is one of the few “super coaches” in the industry. Nathalie and her team have been working with our managers and our teams for six years now. They were able to bring out the hidden talents of each and enable us to become the leaders our teams needed. We have all learned a lot about ourselves and the management of our teams to make them more productive in a healthy and balanced way. The repercussions have even been felt in our personal lives! I highly recommend their professional and impactful interventions.

Blasé Barco

National Sales VP, CMA-CGM Canada

This impact program allowed us to establish a clear corporate vision and strategic direction, it clarified and empowered each team member with regards to their role and responsibilities. In addition, these sessions have had the effect of increasing team synergy, our results and our level of motivation. We have also defined our actual hiring criteria to attract employees who meet our values, our code of ethics and our heritage-based philosophy, not commissions. What seemed unreachable has become feasible! Thank you, Nathalie.

Nathalie Terreault, AVC

Director General and Financial Security and Group Insurance Advisor, Terreault and Associates

Dare to Intervene to Become a Coveted Employer to Attract and Retain Good Employees



Never seen at the C-FAME 



No more excuses for not improving the quality of life of your employees.


$8000 worth of products and services for only $8000 $4995
(Subject to Emploi-Québec subsidies)

  • Training and coaching are subject to Emploi-Québec subsidies.
  • Do you have group insurance? We will give you an insurance receipt to claim the investment costs!
  • In the event that this program does not exactly address the issues and needs, it may be adapted accordingly by adding or removing services. Contact us!

You have questions ?

Here are some answers to the most popular questions we receive regularly.

You have more questions ?

What type of clientele do you accompany?

Our loyal clients come from private, public, parapublic, NPO and government organizations, mostly in the National Capital Region of Canada where we are located. However, we also work with organizations located elsewhere in Canada and internationally.

Most of the time, we accompany leaders, although some interventions requires us to intervene with employees.

When do we have to pay?

It all depends on the payment option you have chosen. If you have chosen the option “1 payment only”, the investment must be paid before the start of the services. If you chose option 2 in “2 equal payments”, 50% of the fees must be paid before the services start and the other 50% in the middle of the services rendered, according to the schedule that we will establish together.

How does the online challenge work?

There are 40 workshops of 15-20 minutes each to complete at your own pace, according to the schedule that suits you best and you can listen as often as you want. Most participants complete this program over 2 months (an average of 1 workshop every 2 days), others over 3 months and some devour content in 40 days! It’s up to you to set your goal while keeping in mind that it’s not about “running” through the content, but rather about evolving with, integrating and applying it. It’s a process and a CHALLENGE! If it was too easy, it would not be a challenge.

Who are your coaches, trainers and consultants?

At C-FAME, we carefully select consultants who share our values, our code of ethics and our quality standards to support you.

All our coaches are NLP certified (post-master level and accredited by the SICPNL and the ICF), our expert consultants are all recognized for their experience, their expertise and are very appreciated by our customers. They are also accredited in their respective fields (eg CHRP, Ordre des psychologues du Québec, etc.)

What are the approaches used in your interventions?

All our interventions are based on the principles of neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), emotional intelligence and relational communication to program new reflexes and ensure sustainable and measurable changes.

Don’t wait any longer! Dare to Intervene for a Happy Team!