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Our Story

“What are the factors that stop you from being at your best as an entrepreneur or manager, ensuring the success of your business and your career?”


We heard you!

After asking hundreds of entrepreneurs and managers during in focus groups, we finally understood!

They shared great difficulty managing their emotions effectively under stress and remaining calm despite the ups and downs of their business or career. They want to stay on top of things! All this, while remaining a good life partner, a good parent, a good friend, a person with whom people want to interact.

Their testimonies are categorized into 4 important dimensions related to emotional intelligence:

1. Self-Empowerment
They opened up emotionally to share with us that they have some difficulty making decisions and they lack strength and confidence. Self-empowerment is the solidity you carry within yourself. It’s where you feel aligned and where everything makes sense. It is the ability to make decisions with confidence without constantly questioning yourself. It is also about taking responsibility, about one owning their place and to leave the one that belongs to others.

2. Motivation for yourself and others
Many have confessed to regularly experiencing intense ups and downs, which is exhausting for them. They want to stabilize their energy level and decrease the emotional and psychological “roller coaster” effect, thereby ending procrastination and achieving its goals.

3. Effective communication
These people unanimously said that one of the biggest challenges is to develop strong and true relationships with employees and customers. This is one of the most important factors in loyalty. It also reduces the turnover rate of its staff and customers. They want to express themselves in an assertive and comfortable way, by making it possible to say things in an effective and striking way. The goal being that the message go through!

4. Authenticity in their role
They were very numerous to express themselves loudly! They want to succeed in their business by remaining true to themselves, unique and original. How not to wear a mask with other business people or at business events? How to manage your business by staying aligned with your core values? This is extremely important because “it’s what sells”!

Following this study and research, Nathalie Charette quickly understood the desperate need of organizations, wanting to improve the well-being and mindset of their employees. With the expertise, the experience, the resources and the contacts, she transformed her business model in 2015 after 20 years of business, to offer quality of life oriented services in the workplace.

Our Vision

Notre vision

To support through various means of intervention of leaders and employees in a learning process and sustainable and measurable change. This allows them to regain control of their personal and professional lives to propel themselves into their career or business, and thus be happier and create a healthy, harmonious and dynamic organizational environment.

Our mission and our values

Our Mission

To accompany, train and provide concrete tools to leaders throughout their learning process towards a better quality of personal and professional life, which they can then pass on to their team.

Our Values

  • Synergy
  • Integrity
  • Ecology
  • Autonomy
  • Profitability
  • Congruence



The Founder

Nathalie Charette, businesswoman for 24 years, is a certified coach specializing in emotional intelligence, corporate wellness strategies and neuroscience focused leadership. To date, she coaches and trains leaders, such as managers, supervisors and business leaders in Canada and internationally. Her experience has led her to work with stressed and exhausted clients who want to regain control of their lives and propel their lives, careers and businesses.

She is an NLP coach accredited by the ICF, the SICPNL and RITMA in addition to holding university courses in animation, occupational psychology and administration. She is highly sought after by many companies, professional associations, and federal and provincial departments on the themes of leadership, management strategies, workplace health and wellness, organizational development, team performance and leadership as well as for reduction of absenteeism at work.

Nathalie is recognized in her field for delivering concrete solutions, personalized and easily applicable. She is known for her dynamism, dedication, strategic intelligence and passion for corporate development and teams. She guides her clients with her methods and knowledge to put in place effective strategies to achieve their professional missions. In her coaching approach, she relies in particular on the principle of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Jacques Salomé’s relational communication, Danie Beaulieu’s impact techniques and various notions in organizational management.

Her accreditations

Project Manager and Learning Advisor:

Courtney Fortin is the Project Manager and Learning Advisor at C-FAME Academy. She’s Nathalie Charette right arm.

This resourceful and young professional has distinguished herself with her versatility and flexibility. She holds a college degree in Business Administration specialized in Management and she has University credits in Management at the University of Ottawa. She has gained government experience for 5 years at the CRTC within the communications, analysis and administration sectors. Her work has been recognized with a few awards, such as, the Regulatory Excellence Award from the Community of Federal Regulators. In addition, she has had the opportunity to work with senior management, which allowed her to better understand their role, what it implies in addition to the impact of their type of leadership on their teams.

Since 2012, Nathalie has coached her individually and she has awarded her with several mystery shopping contracts, content creation and translation. In addition, she completed the BOOST program and the C-FAME Academy’s “Take Back Control of Your Life” challenge. Courtney has a real passion for mental and physical well-being, which is why she decided to join the C-FAME team, on a full-time basis, in the summer of 2019.

You can expect a transparent, discreet, professional and enjoyable service by working with her.

Unity means strength! Our network of interveners:

At C-FAME, we carefully select interveners who share our values, our code of ethics and our quality standards to support you.

Our coaches are all certified in NLP (post-master level and accredited by the SICPNL and the ICF), our expert consultants are all recognized for their experience, their expertise and they are well appreciated by our customers. They are also accredited in their respective fields (eg CHRP, Order of Psychologists of Quebec, etc.).

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