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« We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.» -Anaïs Nin


Nathalie Charette is a specialist in leadership neuroscience and in corporate genius spirit. To this day, she coaches and train leaders such as executives, managers, supervisors and business leaders in Canada and internationally.

She is the founder of NOMADIA Synergies and C-FAME Academy. She believes that when leaders switch from a manager’s state of mind to instinctual leadership mindset, surround themselves with other leaders with the same mindset and keep learning every day, this is when results multiply gradually. Nathalie also believes that successful leaders need:

1. An instinctual Business Mindset

2. To change some of their habits and behaviours

3. To learn and apply UP TO DATE and proven leadership tools

The subjects such as psychology, neuroscience and high performance strategies of leaders & entrepreneurs, are the main topic expertise around which she gravitates for over 21 years. Nathalie Charette is a Professional Coach, certified by ICF (International Coach Federation), SICPNL (Société Internationale des coachs PNL) and RITMA (Regroupement des Intervenants et Thérapeutes en Médecine Alernative) in addition to holding a Bachelor’s degree by accumulation of certificates in facilitation, work psychology and administration.

Nathalie is highly solicited as a coach and trainer by many companies, federal and provincial departments and professional associations on the topics of leadership, management strategies, organizational development, team performance and reducing absenteeism at work.

Nathalie Charette is recognized in its field to deliver concrete, customized and easily applicable solutions. She is known for her energy, her dedication to her clients, her intelligent strategies and her passion for corporate and team’s development. She coaches her clients using highly efficient methods and her knowledge, to implement effective strategies for them to achieve their professional missions.

In her coaching approach, Nathalie Charette relies particularly on the concepts of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), relational communication of Jacques Salomé, technical impact of Danie Beaulieu and various other organizational management methodologies.