M3i Supervision – A customized training for leaders adapted to the actual needs of organizations 

Turnkey concept for organizations and their leaders wishing to manage supervision issues in a more humane manner.

Whether you are experienced or not. Whether you are looking for an accelerated or the most complete training… M3I’s flexibility makes it all possible!

This program is for anyone who:

  • Wants to develop their skills in order to exercise a supervisory role;
  • Is approached by their employer to occupy a supervisory position;
  • Already has experience in supervision and wishes to increase team effectiveness.

This program provides tools to manage teams where there is:

  • low motivation;
  • insufficient productivity;
  • a poor sense of belonging;
  • tense relationships;
  • difficult communications;
  • dissatisfactory team synergy;
  • high turnover rates.

Like one of our 5500 clients, adopt a proven and integrated approach that guarantees results!

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The C-FAME Academy of Gatineau is one of the 30 official providers of the M3i Supervision program throughout the province of Quebec, serving a regional, provincial, national and international management clientele.

The M3I Institute is a research and development training center for team leaders, supervisors and company managers. The M3I Institute has developed the M3I Supervision program which is offered in their accredited centers so that you can follow training adapted to your reality as a supervisor.

Developed in 2007, the M3I—Supervision program relies on the expertise of highly qualified professionals from varied backgrounds who use a didactic approach based on andragogy. It also rests on over 40 years of exhaustive work and research activities in management development, training, and organizational behaviour achieved by Denis Ouimet, who holds a Ph. D in industrial relations and expert in organizational development, as well as being the designer of the program and the main shareholder of Burefor Inc.


Your managerial skills and practices using self-diagnostic tools.


Your practices using better knowledge of your potential.



Better techniques that will enhance your skill levels as a manager/supervisor.


These new managerial techniques into your daily supervision practices to improve overall organizational health.



We believe that to generate sustainable human change, it is essential to progress individually, collectively and continuously through a structured process. We therefore offer several means of individual and group interventions to ensure measurable experiential learning and skills development based on individual needs and styles. All our programs include :


  • Psychometric assessment to increase your management / supervision skills
  • Online and/or in-person training module
  • Professional coaching that aims to support managers and supervisors in their day-to-day work by providing personalized support and encouraging the integration and application of the content learned.


Here are the courses available in French and in English:

Public Training Calendar (open to all)

M3i Supervision – Essential Level


M3i Supervision is an integrated human resources management skills development program focused on day-to-day supervision.

M3i Supervision aims to help all managers and supervisors achieve organizational objectives through the development of greater human resources management skills in mobilization, communication, evaluation, organization and adaptation.

A training based on the dynamics of the person that uses an experiential approach, that respects your professional achievements and challenges you through your own experience. While allowing you to acquire a better understanding of human behaviour, it focuses on the practical and operational aspects of your role and functions in the workplace.

Other Trainings :

Our other trainings are offered in private groups in your organization or if we have a considerable number of requests justifying the opening of a public course on the calendar combining several organizations.

Next public class in Gatineau (in French):

16 half-days of online training over 6 months, 8 hours of coaching by videoconference and psychometric evaluation. The next class starts on April 2021. The complete schedule of activities will be sent to you upon request or upon registration.

In-house corporate training:

Training is also offered in private group settings, in French or in English, and adapted to the needs of your organization. Please contact us for more information.

Service Québec financing:

Possibility of subsidy from Services Québec of up to 50%. Contact us for more information.

Investment cost:

$3600 per person. An additional discount can be granted with multiple registrations for the same company.

Official Supplier - M3i Supervision

Nathalie Charette
CEO, HR Relationship Expert, NLP Certified Coach, Trainer


“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. ” – Anaïs Nin
 For the past 25 years, Nathalie Charette has been a certified coach, trainer, speaker and external consultant specializing in wellness in the workplace, as well as in change and relationship management. Her clients greatly appreciate her expertise through her HR management strategies and interventions supported by proven methods in emotional intelligence, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and leadership neuroscience. She is a certified NLP coach who has also completed university studies in work psychology, administration, organizational development and facilitation. Her expertise and experience have led her to work naturally with organizations in a phase of change, crisis and natural HR imbalances. Her goal through all these activities is to help people work better together, hence her interest in the M3i Supervision program.

Professional Accreditations :

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Here are some answers to the most popular questions we receive on a regular basis.

Do you have more questions?

What type of clientele do you assist?

Our loyal clients come from private, public, parapublic, NPO and government organizations, mostly in Canada’s National Capital Region where we are located. However, we also serve organizations located elsewhere in Canada and abroad.

We support executives at all levels, as well as the next generation of leaders..

How much do we have to pay?

It all depends on the number of employees you enroll. We offer volume discounts. However, we guarantee that it is the most affordable, flexible and accessible training, whether it is for one person or several. We invite you to contact us to receive a customized service offer.

How does online training work?

Training can be offered online, in person, or a combination of both, depending on the registered participants. Coaching is done via videoconference.

Who are your coaches and trainers?

At the C-FAME Academy and the M3I Institute, we carefully select trainers and coaches who share our values, our code of ethics and our quality standards to accompany you.

Our coaches and trainers are all certified by the M3i Institute and are all recognized for their experience, expertise and are highly appreciated by our clientele.

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