Strategic Facilitation

To develop co-creative business models as well as stimulating and well-thought strategic plans for you and your team or to learn from your peers and grow your personal toolbox through professional co-development sessions. Allow us to creatively run these guided workshops designed to maximize the ingenious zone of your teams.

Do like our 1500 customers, dare to intervene for a happier and loyal team!

Our Interventions :

Professional Co-development 

Learn and inspire your peers to overcome your challenges
through a strategic and inspiring process

“The professional co-development group is a development approach for people who believe they can learn from each other to improve their practice. The reflection carried out, individually and in groups, is favored by a structured consultation exercise focused on problems currently experienced by the participants… ” – Adrien PAYETTE, Claude CHAMPAGNE, PUQ, 1997

Le Codéveloppement professionnel réunit un groupe de personnes qui partagent des problématiques professionnelles, vont apprendre ensemble et cultiver une « intelligence collective » grâce à un processus en six étapes structurant la parole, l’écoute et la réflexion et incitant à l’action.

Professional co-development brings together a group of people who share professional issues. They will learn together and cultivate a “collective intelligence” through a six-step process structuring speech, listening and reflection as well as encourages action.

Co-development is a learning approach that focuses on interactions between participants and collective intelligence.
The process is guided by a trained Co-development Facilitator who respects the Code of Ethics developed by AFCODEV, who is conscious of using “a subtle and demanding method that seems to be simple when you look at it” – A. Payette

Introduction to the facilitation of a professional co-development group

Learn how to facilitate your co-development sessions!

Are you asked to guide professionals to reflect on the challenges of their business and be more efficient in their professional practice?

You wish to intervene in a structured learn-by-doing approach focused on sharing experiences, individual and collective thinking, structured interactions between experienced practitioners to broaden the capacity for action and reflection of each member of the group?

Do you think you have enough emotional intelligence to intervene with detachment, maturity, wisdom and discernment?

Becoming a facilitator of the recognized method in co-development could be a solution for you!

Strategic planning

Become unique and stand out!

Want to get a complete and detailed view of your business and sit on a solid foundation?
Do you want to organize your activities so that they are consistent with priorities while making the most out of your human, financial, information and material resources?
Want to manage changes with more flexibility?

Strategic planning is the roadmap an organization takes to achieve its medium and long-term vision. It goes beyond mere planning, as it requires you to examine your internal and external contexts, make projections in the future, and determine the strategies that enable you to fulfill your mission and your vision.

Team retreat

Take a step back to better bounce back

Our approach is based on formulas that are both stimulating for the participants and constructive for the organization. We create in an enjoyable environment, innovation and collaboration.

The facilitation plan is developed with a team within your organization to customize the workshop according to your reality.

There are several advantages to adopting this kind of strategy. In addition to creating synergy within the team, it helps to determine clear direction and guidance for the team, validating initiatives, exploring solutions, and celebrating good moves.

Our fundamental goal: to put at your service our creativity, our experience and our know-how to allow you to reach your goals and to reinforce the connections within your teams to develop a better collaboration and responsibility of each one.

Focus Groups

A tool much more valuable than simple numbers or statistics!

Group interviews are a great way to collect comments from your clients. The focus group is the best known form of group interview. It is one of the most used techniques because it allows to answer a big variety of questions, it makes it possible to understand your target and to validate your hypotheses. It helps to better understand purchasing behaviors, needs, expectations, the use of a product or service … Once completed, it is possible to answer the “why” and the “how”. The group interview technique is the closest tool to the individual interview. The goal is to take advantage of the dynamics of the exchanges with the targeted clientele participating in this directed facilitation.

It is often advised to use a qualitative research firm to create and lead a focus group. Luckily, we have the experience, the expertise and the resources to assist you in this process.

Don’t wait any longer! Dare to Intervene for a Happy Team!