Psychometric Assessments

Scientific tools to help develop talent


The assessment tools we use help to support our approach. They enable us and our clients to clearly define the skills to work on in order to develop the mindset, emotional intelligence as well as individual and collective well-being in a targeted and effective way.

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The Psychometric Assessments Interventions:

Emotional Intelligence® – To better manage your emotions

You wish to identify the different aspects of your own behavior in a simple way?

You wish to have the keys to better understand how your surroundings and be able to act accordingly to ensure the quality of the relationship?

All this even under stress, to anticipate and manage misunderstandings and conflicts?

Emotional Intelligence (IE) can be defined as a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves, develop and maintain our social relationships, face challenges, and use the information in an effective and meaningful way. Although emotional intelligence is not the only predictor of human performance and development potential, it has been proven to be a key indicator in these areas. Emotional intelligence is not a static factor – on the contrary, an individual’s emotional intelligence changes over time and can be developed in targeted areas.

Starting with an online questionnaire, your EQ-i 2.0® certified coach will show you your evaluation report, which will include :

  • The EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence
  • The overview of your results according to five distinct aspects of emotional and social functioning. These aspects are divided into a total of 15 subscales
  • Your indicator of well-being
  • The establishment of your action plan and commitment towards the development of your IE

You are a leader? An additional report could be helpful for you! You will find, in addition to the elements above:

  • Your potential for leadership
  • The impact of your results on leadership
  • Your leadership reducers
  • Effective intervention strategies
  • Conflict management
  • Leader’s Guide to Optimal Balance
  • Information on managing a multigenerational workforce

You will leave with your EQ-i 2.0® report, a personalized document of approx. twenty pages. Each section provides indicators and ways of working to go about your daily life, taking into account both the assets of managing emotions and indicators to monitor to avoid being overwhelmed by stress and conflict.

EQi 2.0 Model :

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