HR Mobilization

To mobilize, retain and attract the best talents

You notice among your employees


Low motivation
Insufficient productivity
Low sense of belonging
Strained relationships
Difficult communications
Unsatisfactory team synergy
High staff turnover rate


Choose a successful and integrated approach that guarantees the motivation and engagement of your human resources!

Workplace wellness: we must act quickly!

Managing emotions and relationships



The world in which we are living, especially since the pandemic, is characterized by significant, frequent and accelerated changes.


The workplace is being shaken up by major changes: labour shortages, teleworking, the effects of the pandemic on work organization and mental health, computerization, etc.

Some good reasons to intervene:

Obtain the buy-in of your employees during an important change transition

Demonstrate creativity, innovation, authentic and inspirational leadership, to positively influence the team

Intervene strategically to develop emotional intelligence and a positive attitude towards challenges

Provide your employees with the guidance and tools they need, to deal with changes

Generate a sense of belonging and recognition among employees in order to persevere throught challenging times and ensure their retention in the long run

Develop strong relationships filled with trust that promote team cohesion, commitment and self-improvement in spite of this remote work situation

Retain employees, reduce absenteeism and increase presenteeism

Create a real desire to come to work in the morning

Augmenter la motivation et l'élan générateur de proactivité et de créativité de l'employé


Target issues

To establish a diagnosis reflecting the current state of the quality of life in the workplace. Tools such as internal customer satisfaction surveys, targeted interviews with management and employees, self-evaluations and meetings to analyze the issues are offered.

Intervention plan

Once the issues are targeted, your goals are set and an action plan is prepared which includes effective intervention strategies to be implemented in-house or by our support services, allowing you to reach these goals.


Take action

Implementation of the strategies proposed in the action plan through psychometric tests, impact training and solution-oriented coaching.

Evaluation of sustainable changes

Evaluate the real positive impact of the actions as well as the collateral effects following the in-house interventions or carried out by our team, which will ensure the sustainability of the initiatives.

Our Interventions

All of our services can be provided remotely and our programs combine video conferencing sessions, online learning modules and telephone meetings.

We believe that in order to generate sustainable human change, it is essential to journey individually, in community and continuously through a structured process. We offer you several means of individual and group interventions to provide experiential learning and ensure skill development according to the needs and style of each.

You’re wondering how we can help you? Here’s what we can do:

Analysis and Planning

In order to obtain the real portrait of your organizational and team situation, meetings, focus groups, internal and external satisfaction surveys are offered. The more the diagnosis is accurate, the more we can intervene on the real issues and generate sustainable and measurable results.

Psychometric assessments

These psychometric assessment tools are scientific tools designed to develop your talents. The assessment tools we use support our approach. They enable you to clearly define the skills to work on in order to become a better leader, develop a great mindset, add emotional intelligence to your strategies and, bring more individual and collective well-being in a targeted and effective way.

Strategic facilitation

To co-create stimulating and thoughtful business models and strategic plans for you and your team or to learn from your peers and grow your personal toolbox through professional co-development sessions. Let us creatively facilitate these directed workshops designed to maximize your teams’ ingenuity zone.

Experiential training

Become successful in a different way! Performance is only a side effect of wellness. Learn through experiential in-person or online training built to ensure sustainable and measurable integration and change. Training is an important pillar of skill development. While some skills may be innate, many can be learned, developed and eventually mastered.

Coaching - individual or group

Coaching is a personalized, solution-oriented, dynamic and present/future oriented approach. It is the establishment of a partnership with your coach in a process of reflection and creativity, in order to encourage you to optimize your personal and professional potential. The coach will determine with you your objective, the framework, and the expected results.

La fondatrice

Nathalie Charette
CEO, HR Retention Coach

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. ” – Anaïs Nin

 For the past 25 years, Nathalie Charette has been a certified coach, trainer, speaker and external consultant specializing in wellness in the workplace, as well as in change and relationship management. Her clients greatly appreciate her expertise through her HR management strategies and interventions supported by proven methods in emotional intelligence, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and leadership neuroscience. She is a certified NLP coach who has also completed university studies in work psychology, administration, organizational development and facilitation. Her expertise and experience have led her to work naturally with organizations in a phase of change, crisis and natural HR imbalances. Her goal through all these activities is to help people work better together.

Professional Certifications

Ce que nos clients disent de nous

Blasé Marco,
National Sales VP
CMA-CGM Canada
Toronto’s office

Courtney Fortin,

Communications Agent, Manager to be

Brahim Bakri,
Dirctor Intermodal
CMA-CGM Montreal

Christine Cadieux,

General Manager
Ramada Plaza du Casino

Éric Leriche,

Leriche Marketing

Roxanne Scott,

Manager, Insurance Broker
Larreault Insurance

Nathalie coaches the 3 partners and our 40 employees in the elaboration of effective HR strategies and the development of our emotional and collective intelligence. Since our collaboration, we have noticed a clear improvement in terms harmony between partners and with employees, and team synergy, which has become more and more motivating and peaceful despite this global pandemic that forced us to implement several measures in a very short period of time. She has a natural ability to coach and connect with individuals and the team as a whole. It’s a relief ! Definitely a service worth the investment!

Hubert Carpentier, Daniel Giroux and Marie Eve R. Tremblay

Associates, Land Surveyors, Alary, St-Pierre & Durocher

It is important for a retail store such as ours to retain our customers and our employees, to create a synergy within the team and to stand out from our competition. We hired Nathalie Charette’s team for 24 years to conduct our training, management coaching and coordinate our service evaluation project through mystery shopping and marketing studies to get to know our employees and our competition. She stands out for her creativity, her innovative ideas, her efficiency, her desire to see us succeed and her professionalism. We are able to see sustainable, direct and measurable changes as soon as services were received, making our investment worthwhile.

Martin Lacasse

CEO, RONA Gatineau, Hull, Aylmer

I was coached by Nathalie Charette, to increase my communication and relationships with my employees. I wanted to discover how to mobilize my team. My coaching allowed me to become a better leader, to get an important promotion and to build my ideal team. Every manager needs a “Nathalie” in their leadership journey!

Ajit Menon

Manager, CMA - CGM Canada, Vancouver office

Have any questions?

Here are some answers to the most popular questions we receive regularly.

Still have questions?

What type of clientele do you accompany?

We mainly accompany managers and their employees of organizations normally in a phase of transformation, growth, crisis management. We are open to new collaborations.

How much does your intervention cost?

Because we offer a combination of tailored services, a discussion is needed to assess your needs and provide you with a service offer.

Who are your coaches, trainers and consultants?

At C-FAME Academy, we carefully select consultants who share our values, our code of ethics and our quality standards to support you.

All our coaches are certified and accredited by the SICPNL and/or the ICF, our expert consultants are all recognized for their experience, their expertise and are very appreciated by our customers. They are also accredited in their respective fields (eg CHRP, Ordre des psychologues du Québec, etc.)

What are the approaches used in your interventions?

All our interventions are based on the principles of neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), emotional intelligence and relational communication to program new reflexes and ensure sustainable and measurable changes.

Do you offer interventions online or via videoconference?

Yes, absolutely. We do have programs that combine online training, group and/or individual coaching in person or via videoconference, psychometric assessments and an online community of participants. It is with pleasure that we will guide you to this end.

Don’t wait any longer! Dare to Intervene for a Happy Team!

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