Individual and Group Coaching

In-person or videoconference


You feel that you, as an individual or as a team, are not reaching your full potential?

Are you unmotivated, stressed, facing conflict?

You must make an important decision and no longer know how/what to think?

Do like our 1500 customers, dare to intervene for a happier and loyal team!

We combine the effectiveness of NLP coaching methods, the principles of emotional intelligence and relational communication with 25 years of experience in leadership and business management to understand yourself, to challenge you and coach you during your project growths.


We are concerned about the different realities of our clients, therefore we offer a variety of customized interventions to meet your needs for development focused on the quality of life at work. Our experience, our expertise and our rich toolbox allow us to support you in your issues that you might face.


Coaching is a dynamic solution-oriented personalized guidance, focused on the present and the future!

What is NLP coaching?

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach devoted to the study of human behavior in its dimensions of communication, learning and change.
  • Coaching is a dynamic solution-oriented personalized guidance, focused on the present and the future! Coaching is the establishment of a partnership with customers as part of a process of reflection and creativity, to encourage them to maximize their potential both personally and professionally.
  • Together, the coach and client determine the objective, scope, and expected results and the customer remains accountable for his own goals.
  • NLP seeks to provide practical tools for better communication, learning and change based on clear theoretical approaches that have proven their effectiveness through tangible results.
  • The flexibility and versatility of NLP tools allow customers to respond to a multitude of contexts and issues.
    Source : ISNLPC (International Society of NLP Coaches)

The coach's role

  • Discover and clarify what the client wants to accomplish in order to establish a contract based on a measurable and dated goal.
  • Help the client to define his motivations, strategies and skills.
  • Reveal to the client all the options available to him.
  • Confront the client with his commitments or his challenges, if it can encourage progress. The coach will ask the right questions, the client will find the answers right for him.
  • The certified NLP coach assists you in achieving your objectives by favoring a practical, rigorous and flexible approach.
  • The coach can intervene on the behaviors, abilities, beliefs and identity component that will enable you to reach your goal.
  • Being a certified NLP Coach is equivalent to 1000 hours of supervised training.

Source : ICF (International Coach Federation)

Code of Ethics

We respect the ICF (International Coach Federation) Code of Ethics  including information aspects and respect for the customer, confidentiality and conflict of interest. Click here for more info about the Code of Ethics. 

A few common issues:

Individual coaching

  • Professional mission and motivation
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Communication impact
  • Interpersonal conflicts (open or latent)
  • Stress and priorities management
  • Professional burnout / Setting limits
  • Lack of resources (stage fright, withdrawal…)

Group coaching:

  • Team cohesion (objective, operating mode …)
  • Communication and group synergies development
  • Conflicts (open or latent) between colleagues or associates
  • Timeshare management / “mania for meetings”

Don’t wait any longer! Dare to Intervene for a Happy Team!