Perfect your leadership reflexes by developing your emotional intelligence. Learn how to propel your business or career by becoming the best version of yourself.




Develop your confidence to set realistic goals that relate to who you really are and reach your full potential.


The biggest challenge for women entrepreneurs is to emotionally engage their collaborators so that they do not work just to make money, but rather to achieve goals that stimulate them.


Communication can make or break a business. Effective communication solves problems, unites workers and increases employee loyalty.


Learn how to use your “ego” the right way to lead authentically to increase job satisfaction and, at the same time, reduce turnover.


In addition to being crucial to one’s physical and mental health, managing emotions efficiently helps make better decisions under pressure, increases productivity, builds strong relationships and resolves conflict strategically.


Another extremely important factor when it comes to achieving your goals is to walk with others and out of isolation. Nothing is richer than to exchange and learn from women who experience the same reality as your own

Develop your emotional intelligence to become the best version of yourself

6 good reasons to join the  BOOST™ program :


About Nathalie

Nathalie Charette, business woman for 23 years and single-parent, is the proud founder of C-Fame Academy, online learning concepts and NOMADIA Synergies. She is an expert in leadership neuroscience for women and business performance. To this day, she accompanies and trains leaders such as entrepreneurs, managers and supervisors across Canada and Internationally.

Every leader will, without a doubt, question herself about her why, her targets and strategies to reach them. It is one thing to do your job with passion and it’s another to be a leader, which is a job on its own. With her feminine initiatives, she believes she can make a true difference in the life of business women. She is a coach and devoted trainer who helps her clients develop and grow their business projects, but mostly work on the ‘’professional’’ they are and/or can become. She sees her role as a source of awakening, realization and action generator to allow them to become more competent and independent in their leadership role and insure sustainability, growth and the success of their business or career. Nathalie also believes that leaders who succeed need to:

1.       Transform their Business Mindset into reflexes

2.       Change certain habits and behaviors

3.       Learn to apply proven and up to date leadership tools

Subjects such as psychology, neurosciences and high performing entrepreneurship and leadership strategies is the core Nathalie Charette has gravitated around for the last 23 years. Nathalie Charette is a professional accredited coach from ICF (International Coach Federation), ISNLPC (International Society of NLP Coaches) and RITMA (Alternative and Complementary Medicine Professionals Association) as well as an emotion intelligence certification which allows her to offer emotional quotient inventories EQi 2.0 to her clientele.

If you agree with one or many of the following, you will love what’s to come!

  • You feel like contrary to men, you are not allowed to make mistakes.
  • You feel that, to be taken seriously, you need to adopt masculine strategies and mentality.
  • Since every minute counts, for a program to fit your needs, it must be flexible and reflect your reality.
  • You understand that it is important to invest in yourself to have success in your business.
  • You are having a hard time finding balance between your family and professional life.
  • You feel you always come last at work and/or at home.
  • You understand that just like flash diets, training that occur over one or two days are not effective in the long term. To make a difference, you need a prolonged, sturdy yet not too invasive frame.
  • You are conscious that it is a process to become an inspiring leader for your collaborators, that it requires daily practice as the challenges present themselves and year-round to develop new entrepreneurship reflexes.
  • You agree that you cannot do everything on your own and it is easier to succeed by collaborating.

« What factors are keeping you from being the best you can be, as an entrepreneur or manager, insuring the success of your career and business? »


We heard you!

After asking this question to over 100 business women and managers in a focus group, we have finally understood! Their testimonies categorised into 5 important dimensions:

1. Emotional Intelligence

They have shared their difficulties towards managing their emotions efficiently under stress and remain ‘’ZEN’’ in the ups and downs of their businesses. They want to stay focused! All of this while staying a good wife, mother, friend and person people want to interact with.

2. Self-Empowerment

With an open heart, they have shared their difficulties when taking decisions. That they lack confidence and solidarity in themselves. Self-empowerment represents our inner strength, where we feel aligned, where everything makes sense. It is the capacity to make decisions with confidence without doubting ourselves. It’s also accepting yourself, take your place and leave others their own.

3. Self motivation and of others

Many have confessed going through intense ups and downs regularly which is exhausting. They want to stabilise their energy level. Lower the emotional and psychological roller coaster to stop procrastinating and reach their objectives.

4. Effective Communication

These women were unanimous, their biggest challenge was building solid and real relationships with their employees and clients. It is one of the key factors to a faithful clientele. They want to communicate comfortably and confidently to say things that come across efficiently and with impact. The goal is for the message to get through!

5. Authenticity in Business

Many of them expressed it loud and clear, they want to succeed in their business by remaining authentic, unique and original. How not to wear a mask or try to be ‘’wonder woman’’ around business people or even during business functions? How to manage your business and stay aligned with your core values? This is extremely important since ‘’it’s the selling point’’!

This program addresses in depth each of these dimensions by following this dynamic process :

 BOOST PROGRAM™ – Feminine Entrepreneurship and Management

The BOOST program™ offers 4 learning activities. When combined to events, it will allow you to succeed in your business in all femininity and to become the best version of yourself.

Our Philosophy

Contrary to traditional short-term programs that only impact for a short period of time, our program is based on neuroscience leadership learning principles and allow daily transformation of your fears, barriers and limiting beliefs which keep you from creating a business model aligned with your essence and reach your full potential. The program is constructed in a way to ensure integration and develop winning leadership reflexes. The participants practice what they learn daily in concrete personal and professional situations, all year long. Every dimension is addressed one at a time through a process that combines 4 learning activities including: group coaching, online learning, peer community and individual coaching. 5 dimensions are developed throughout 6 weeks each, for a total of 30 weeks. The participants, however, will have access to the program for a full year as well as a lifetime access to the online community!

1- EQ-i 2.0 Psychometric Assessment

With the help of an online questionnaire, your certified EQ-I 2.0 coach will make you discover your evaluation report such as:
  • EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Intelligence model
  • An overview of your results according to five distinctive aspect of emotional and social functions.
  • Your well-being marker
  • Establishing your action plan and commitments
  • Your leadership potential
  • The impacts of you results on leadership
  • Leadership threats
  • Effective intervention strategies
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership’s guide to optimal balance
  • Managing a multi-generation workforcel You will receive a copy of your EQ-I 2.0 report, a 20 pages personalised document. Each section is filled with tools and ideas to navigate through your day by taking into consideration emotional management and what to look out for to stay away from stress and conflicts.

2- Group Coaching

The cycle for each dimension begins with a half day group session which takes place within a flexible calendar, includes a maximum 10 to 12 people and hosted in an inspiring, accessible and comfortable environment to encourage sharing, introspection and awareness.

This group coaching workshop will be immediately followed by a 4 weeks online training. However, the participants will have 6 weeks to complete them. This activity is to share trendy leadership ideas linked to the addressed dimension which will allow to absorb and master the content.

Meanwhile, participants will interact among themselves and Nathalie Charette’s passionate team on the online community and learn from each other.

Once the 4 weeks have been completed, the cycle will resume with another dimension and so on until the last one.

Descriptions of the 5 dimensions that have the power to change your life and your business!

1. Emotional Intelligence

Manage your feelings and find inner peace!

As well as being crucial to physical and mental health, managing your emotions allows you to make better decisions under pressure, to increase productivity, build strong relationships and strategically resolve conflicts.

  • Discover a simple way to identify the different aspects of your behaviors.
  • Recognise hints to better understand how your audience ‘’works’’ and behave to improve the quality of your relationships. All that, even when stressed, to anticipate and manage misunderstandings and conflicts.

2. Self-empowerment

Reach your full potential as a leader in all femininity!

Self-empowerment consists in looking at ourselves, understand and know who we are. It’s becoming aware of what makes you a unique individual. This involves developing your confidence to set realistic goals in line with who you truly are and reach your full potential. This workshop will allow you to:

  • Improve empowerment for you and your team, allowing you to reach your professional and personal goals faster.
  • Become skilled in making better decisions.
  • Strategically un-tie yourself to manage your emotions and your stress, stay calm and strategic when necessary.

3. Motivate yourself and others

Become fully committed and motivated!

The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is to get their collaborators involved emotionally and bring them to work not only to make money but instead to reach a stimulating goal. This workshop will allow you to:

  • Discover your core values to work in harmony and inspire your team’s.
  • Reveal the true and profound goal, yours as a leader and your teams for a clearer and motivating path.
  • Set a plan to reach the ‘’buy-in’’ for your team to obtain a better synergy.

4. Effective Communication

Listening to let others open-up, trust you and be transparent with you!

Communication can make or break a business. Effective communication can resolve problems, unite workers and raise employee loyalty. In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Put yourself in others’ shoes to understand them better and therefore adopt effective communication strategies.
  • Develop empathy and compassion for others while reaching a high productivity and effectiveness level.
  • Manage conflicts faster, wisely and with a long-term impact.

5. Authenticity in Business

Become their role model – They are watching you!

Learn how to use your ‘’ego’’ the right way to lead authentically, allow to raise satisfaction at work as well as lower turnover rate. This workshop will:

  • Align you in your leader role which is at the heart of your team and the heart of your organisation.
  • Allow you to gain respect from your team and encourage them to follow you.
  • Allow you to discover your inner graphic to reach desired results in all contexts.

3- Online LEarning

Since habits are hard to change, to integrate new knowledge, you need perseverance, commitment and practice. Unfortunately, without methodology and process, chances of success are slim to none.
THAT’s the reason why, most times, we can’t but into action, even less master the material we learn in conferences, workshops or traditional short-term trainings and even while reading something interesting. Whether its an article on Facebook, a book or a magazine, etc. The solution to this problem resides in different forms of repetition and putting in practice those new notions. For those reasons, we have created a 100% online platform where the content from the group coaching is addressed, dissected and deepened for 4-6 weeks for each dimension. This process allows you to assimilate the content, master it and most importantly develop new instinctive reflexes.

4- online community

Another extremely important aspect when it comes to reaching your goals is to progress with others and not isolate yourself. There’s nothing richer than exchanging and learning from women who have the same reality as ours.

Being part of a group that has the same interests and is going through the same challenges as ours is a powerful ally to help us overcome obstacles, and there will be obstacles, it’s inevitable when we make true changes and growth. The beauty of this activity is that you will have unlimited access to the experience and wisdom of your peers.

If two heads are better than one, imagine the strength of an entire community!

You wish to add individual coaching to your program?

Individual coaching remains the ideal and most effective way to adopt new behaviours and new strategies. Throughout this program you will have the option of taking individual coaching sessions at a reduced price which will allow you to accelerate your progression and make concrete, fast and durable changes when needed.
We ally NPL coaching methods to 20 years of experience in business development and managing to understand, challenge and support you in all your growth projects or changes. Coaching is a dynamic personalised support approach oriented towards solutions and focused on the present and future!

IMPORTANT: please note that individual coaching is not necessary to obtain the maximum from this program!

And that’s not all….

….we have a few surprises in store!

To spice things up, we also organise events: to unite the participants by giving them additional opportunities to meet, exchange and celebrate in a festive and happy environment! A great opportunity to network, share success stories and leave inspired, full of life and energised.

The 4 steps of the process

1. EQ-i 2.0 Psychometric Assessment

A EQ-i 2.0 Psychometric Assessment will be offered to you to evaluate your capacity to manage your emotions under stress. A debriefing session and individual coaching of an hour will follow this test.

2. Group Coaching

Every module starts with a group coaching (5 modules + 1 group coaching as a bonus at the end of each program) 5 addressed modules: 1- Emotional Intelligence 2- Self-empowerment 3- Motivate yourself and others 4- Effective communication 5- Authenticity in business

3. Online Learning

Each group coaching is followed by an online learning module which addresses one of the 5 themes. It consists of 5 online capsules/ week lasting 15-20 minutes a day for a total of 4 weeks. You will, however, have 5-6 weeks to complete each of them.

4. Online Community

In addition to the group coaching and online learning modules, you will be invited to take part in the online Boost program Facebook community where you will be inspired by sharing with peers, where you will watch Facebook presentations by Nathalie Charette or other inspiring experts, where you will benefit from rich content on leadership and entrepreneurship and much more…

Our participants shared with us

Here’s what a few of our participants had to say about our program, what a unique and gathering experience it is for business women
I am honoured to be part of this program. This experience helps me to become the best version of myself as well as a better entrepreneur. All the important ingredients to help me succeed in my business.
Barbara Séguin

Business Owner, Auberge TOM B&B

This program teaches me how to get out of my comfort zone and build more self-confidence necessary to reach my business goal of distributing my innovative and transformable clothing designs, all over the world.
Francine Girard

Business Owner, Vestita

I believe that in order to become a better leader and succeed in my business, I need to learn from the best as well as working on becoming a better person. This is exactly what this program does for me.
Julie Potvin

Director and associate, Sentinelle Santé and Les Conifères