30 day challenge



If you interact with people, whether on a personal or professional level, want to manage your emotions especially under stress to stay Zen or just want to develop your full emotional potential, read on …


If you could better understand and manage your emotions, and better understand those of others, you could have stronger relationships, achieve better results, be and feel healthier, and ultimately make better decisions with conviction.


Get your life back on track

Learn to Use the power of Emotions to Propel Your Personal and Professional Life

The emotional challenge is growing all over the world, at work and at home.

Today, we all need to develop more knowledge and skills to effectively manage our own emotions and those of others.

This challenge includes:

1 short online session per day

Impactful exercises to help you assimilate the material

Daily emails to keep you motivated and on track

A certified NLP coach to answer your questions

Online community to learn from your peers

Master your emotions

Get rid of your limiting beliefs

Learn to better manage your stress

Maximize your strenghts

NLP Certified Coach : Nathalie Charette


A woman entrepreneur for 23 years and single parent, Nathalie Charette is the proud founder of Académie C-FAME, a concept of online learning and NOMADIA Synergies. She is a certified NLP coach and a neuroscience specialist in female leadership and business performance. To date, she supports and trains leaders, such as entrepreneurs, managers and supervisors in Canada and internationally.

Over time, Nathalie has become an expert in stress management and emotional intelligence and has made it her workhorse. She is now helping women, and men, regain control of their lives by using the power of their emotions or, more specifically, turning their negative stress into positive stress because yes, stress is actually a good thing!



“I didn’t know what to expect and I have to say I am very impressed and am very satisfied with the workshop, I now understand the power of coaching versus training.”

Marie Claire V.


“Wow,  I have consulted several specialists to help me deal with the stress in my life with little or no results but following this single group coaching session I can feel a huge inner transformation simply because of a slight change in my perception! Thank you so much. ”

Nancy T.


“I was skeptical and shy at first but Nathalie was able to put me at ease right from the start and give me everything I needed to realize I had a lot more control over my life than I thought . Thank you.”

Stephanie p.

Get your life back on track using the power of your emotions

Satisfaction Guaranteed *

Yes, you read correctly! We believe in this program so much, that if after having followed it you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your investment!

* Please see the terms and conditions page for details of this fabulous warranty.


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